Planning For An Ornamental Garden


When planning to create a beautiful ornamental grass garden there are 5 basic factors to consider.

1. Sun: Most ornamental grasses grow well in full sun, and will perform best when placed in the sunlight. Some varieties, though, will do well in partial shade or full shade. Knowing how much sun your intended garden plot will receive, will help decide what plants to choose.

2. Soil: Ornamental grasses will only really require ordinary soil, one that is reasonably fertile and well drained. Some grasses grow better in wet soil where as others are more drought tolerant. Understanding the soil in your garden will greatly help your plants to grow to their full potential.

3. Irrigation: In areas with constant rainfall, bedded plants will not need watering except during periods of drought. Grasses native to an area, such as Washington State or climates with continual rainfall, will need less watering once established in a garden unless this is a serious drought.


4. Winter: Selecting ornamental grasses that keep their foliage through the winter adds color and texture to the garden even during the cold winter months.


5. Spacing: Ornamental grasses should be given plenty of room to grow. It is typically recommended to leave 3'-5' per 1 gallon pot.  When the plants mature and fill out the garden will be beautiful.