Twelve NEW Varieties of Grasses coming this June!

Here at Ornamental Grasses of Puget Sound we are very excited about our new varieties of premium grasses that we will be offering this summer. We have selected some of the best and most colorful grasses particularly with the smaller yard in mind. 

Of course they will do well in almost any landscape.


Bouteloua Gracilis “Blonde Ambition”

A cold hardy, native grass with blue-green foliage and striking golden summer flowers on stiff stems. Provides cool-season interest, with long lasting blonde seed heads in winter. Good in most soil types, great for low maintenance landscapes. They grow up to 3 ft. tall and wide.



“Rain Dance”

‘Rain Dance’ grows to 6 feet tall with red-tipped foliage and darker green leaves that turn maroon in fall, also having red flowers on red stems. They do very well in the sun, and are hardy plants.


Carex Pensylvanica “Pennsylvania Sedge”

Carex pensylvanica is a Sedge that reproduces by rhizomes (a continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots at intervals.) and is low growing, 8" tall when blooming. Does well in dry-soil and has the ability to grow in full sun or full shade. It will spread 3-8" each year depending on the soil moisture. Pennsylvania Sedge actively grows during the spring and fall when soil temperatures remain cool.


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