August Flowers

August brings flowers galore when it comes to ornamental Grasses.

Leading the way this month is Pennisetum a. “Burgundy Bunny” with its fluffy blooms protruding above the red and green foliage.


Pennisetum a Hamelin, maybe the darkest greenest grass here, shows off its fluffy plumes just above that wonderful foliage.


Our newest grass, Pennisetum a. “Lumens Gold” is right behind with the fluffy creamy spikes just above the lemony foliage that’s was a gold color last spring.

The Miscanthus varieties are right behind with Miscanthus s. “Little Miss” blazing away with its flowers a foot above the red green foliage, a great plant for the smaller garden topping out at 3ft.

If green and white is more your style then Molina c. Variegated with their blooms flower this month too.

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